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TruIndie is dedicated to supporting filmmakers, and helping audiences discover and appreciate truly independent cinema. Created by filmmakers for filmmakers, we seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships while not exploiting dreams.

We are overjoyed to be the newest home for independent films of all genres, and believe art has no rules; Quality is not determined by budget and/or technical perfection. There are so many artists out there breaking the rules of cinema who don’t conform to the mainstream, and they are who make our world go round!

You are cordially invited to submit your films to play on our VOD platform alongside other films created by truly independent artists. We are currently accepting feature films, short films, documentaries, episodic shows, music videos, and we are open to other forms as well.

Thank you for doing what you do; we are very much looking forward to sharing your creations with the universe.

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1. What is TruIndie?

TruIndie is a monthly subscription service created to (1. support filmmakers by providing an uncensored platform for them to show their work. And (2. To help audiences discover and appreciate truly independent cinema. 

2. Is it safe to submit my work to TruIndie? 

TruIndie will never misuse information or assets. Including: Sharing your information with third parties, uploading programs to other platforms besides TruIndie, selling programs in any way aside from giving access to paid members of TruIndie. (Please feel free to ask about any concerns you have on this matter).

3. Do I still own the rights to my work if I put it on TruIndie?

Heck Yeah! We are NON-EXCLUSIVE, and do not own your work. Filmmakers are welcome and encouraged to show their work on other platforms...we want nothing but the best for you and your dreams.

4. Does TruIndie require filmmakers to censor their work?

Never! We wouldn't dream of it. However, if your film contains excessively graphic content, we just ask that you put a warning on your thumbnail artwork. 

5. What type of programs does TruIndie show on their platform?

We show short films, feature films, music videos, etc of ALL genres.

6. How are filmmakers compensated?

TrueIndie promises to remain competitive with other similar subscriptions when it comes to filmmaker compensation. We will set aside half of our subscription revenue, then based on total number of minutes watched throughout the entire site, we will determine pay-out per minute.* Filmmakers will be paid quarterly per minute their program is watched.

*Pay-out per minute will fluctuate depending on the amount of minutes watched throughout the entire site per quarter.

7. How does TruIndie choose their content?

We watch every film submitted. If both parties (Filmaker & TruIndie) decide to move forward, we will send over an agreement for you to go over and sign. 

8. How do I submit my work to TruIndie?

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For more information email